Myths about immigration

Myths about immigration

On Behalf of Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC. | Oct 13, 2016 | US Immigration Law

Myths about immigration

On Behalf of  | Oct 13, 2016 | US Immigration Law

Arizona residents should be aware of a number of myths about immigration. One is that the number of undocumented people is rising. In fact, the number has been on the decline since 2007. Another is that U.S. workers lose jobs if more immigrants are allowed citizenship. However, according to the Congressional Budget Office, immigration reform would result in a stronger economy and more employment for all workers.

Some people believe that undocumented immigrants use public welfare without paying taxes. However, most of these services are unavailable to undocumented workers. Many undocumented workers pay income tax, and all immigrants pay sales tax. Deporting these millions of undocumented workers would not make the economy stronger. In addition to hurting a number of key industries including agriculture and hospitality, it would require a large force to accomplish the deportation and might increase racial profiling.

Some people believe that immigrants and refugees are dangerous. However, immigrants tend to commit fewer crimes than the rest of the population, and refugees must undergo extensive screening. Finally, a wall along the Mexican border would cost billions and take resources away from education, infrastructure and other important projects.

Despite the many ways that immigration is good for the country, immigrants may face an uphill battle in getting permission to stay. Whether people are applying for citizenship, a green card, refugee status or some other type of visa or facing deportation, immigration law can be complex, and they might want legal counsel. They may be unaware of certain avenues that are available to allow them to remain in the country. Their age, marital status, whether they have family members in the country, their education and profession, and the situation in their home country are all examples of factors that may influence their immigration status.






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