What is the Adjustment of Status process?

What is the Adjustment of Status process?

On Behalf of Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC. | Feb 17, 2020 | Immigration

What is the Adjustment of Status process?

On Behalf of  | Feb 17, 2020 | Immigration

In the world of immigration law, the term Adjustment of Status is the technical name for the process of applying for a green card.

As many Phoenix residents already know, someone who has a green card has permission to stay in the United States indefinitely even if they are not American citizens.

There are ways in which a person can have his or her green card revoked, but, generally speaking, someone who holds a green card is a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

Adjustment of Status is a process by which someone who is already in the United States, usually under another type of visa, can obtain the green card.

It is a complicated process that involves a lot of paperwork and other legal steps, all of which must be completed carefully and accurately.

The big question most Arizonans interested in a green card must answer is whether they are eligible to apply, as not just anyone can ask for Adjustment of Status.

While there are a number of eligibility categories, more common ones include eligibility based on family relationships and eligibility based on employment.

By way of example, the spouse of an American citizen may qualify for a green card. Likewise, children of American citizens who are under 21, and the parents of American citizens who are over 21, are eligible.

In some cases, other relatives of American citizens, and even close relatives of those who already hold a green card, may be eligible for an Adjustment of Status. Likewise, an American citizen’s fiancée can be admitted as a permanent resident.

The immigration laws of this country are often complicated and difficult to understand. Someone who is considering an Adjustment of Status will therefore want to make sure that he or she is fully advised on his or her options and has someone available to help with the process.






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