Criteria for EB-1-B to enter the U.S. for a research job

Criteria for EB-1-B to enter the U.S. for a research job

On Behalf of Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC. | Oct 11, 2017 | US Immigration Law

Criteria for EB-1-B to enter the U.S. for a research job

On Behalf of  | Oct 11, 2017 | US Immigration Law

A private research company or university in Arizona that wishes to employ a noncitizen within the country could prepare a EB-1-B application. Only a potential employer can initiate this process. The proposed position cannot be temporary; it must be permanent or tenure track. The U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services reviews this application before granting a researcher or professor a priority worker immigrant visa. To gain approval, an applicant’s credentials must be outstanding and meet a minimum of two out of six requirements.

Immigration officials will be looking for evidence that the applicant has received major academic prizes or awards. A membership within an association that only accepts people who excel within their academic fields could also contribute to an applicant’s success. Published trade articles or other media appearances could count as meeting one criterion. Serving as a judge at a grant-funding agency and working on the editorial board of a professional journal represent other ways to satisfy part of the requirements.

An applicant’s original scientific research that results in patents or acknowledgement from other scholars could establish the person’s credentials. Authoring articles or contributing to articles published within peer-reviewed journals is another way to meet one of the six criteria. Employers have the option of expediting an EB-1-B application and gaining an answer within 15 days. Otherwise, the review process lasts about three to eight months.

Any person seeking official documentation to stay in the United States could encounter long delays after making applications. The representation of an attorney familiar with U.S. immigration law could inform the person about the process and perhaps cut through red tape. After listening to the person’s goals, such as becoming a permanent legal resident, an attorney could organize documentation and prepare the appropriate paperwork for immigration authorities.






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