Current status for asylum seekers in the U.S.

Current status for asylum seekers in the U.S.

On Behalf of Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC. | May 5, 2021 | Asylum

Current status for asylum seekers in the U.S.

On Behalf of  | May 5, 2021 | Asylum

Immigration laws assist individuals in Arizona and the other states across the nation. While many of these laws outline how an immigrant can remain in the nation lawfully, they also designate how an immigrant can lawfully enter the United States and from what country they can come from. With regards to asylum laws, these were put in place to provide a safe haven for immigrants fearful of persecution. The past administration put a ban on asylums; however, the Biden administration has begun allowing a growing number of asylum seekers to enter the U.S. at legal border crossings.

Current Immigration policies

While the previous administration blocked asylum seekers entirely, the Biden administration has put a stop to this by allowing more and more migrant families seeking asylum in the U.S. to enter the country. In February, 301 entered the U.S. seeking asylum while March recorded 719 and April 1,080.

It should be noted that the public health emergency order remains in effect, and the Biden administration stated that the boarders still remain closed to nonessential travel and asylum seekers. Nonetheless, more and more exceptions are being made for certain families and unaccompanied children.

Asylum seekers

For roughly a year prior the current health emergency order, most families seeking asylum were turned away, asking them to wait for the U.S. courts to decide if they would be allowed to enter the country under the status of an asylum seeker. Previously, families and individuals were generally allowed to wait in the U.S. for this decision to be made.

While the order remains in place, causing many to be turned away, those considered to be the most vulnerable are allowed to cross into the U.S. to await their decision. This has included pregnant women, members of the LGBT+ community and those with medical emergencies. Many of these individuals have traveled from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, which are all areas considered to have high crime rates and poverty that have been compounded due to the two hurricanes that hit these countries over the past year.

The asylum seeking process can be complex and emotional. Thus, it is imperative that those seeking to enter this process understand how best to move forward with it. This not only helps to make an individual is aware of their rights, but it also helps ensure their rights and interests are protected.






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