Immigration Defense Tactics

Immigration Defense Tactics

On Behalf of Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC. | Mar 13, 2023 | Immigration

Deportation can be terrifying for immigrants, refugees, etc. Despite everything, an immigrant can face the risk of deportation and must know the legal procedures of the state to combat it. If you are to be deported and file a case for the defence, make sure that you have professional legal assistance to help you in the courtroom.

What to Do in Case of Deportation

Your deportation defence attorney should be one of the best. They should be experienced and professional to handle such cases. You must know that you will be against an attorney representing the government and probably would have dealt with thousands of such cases. Hence your attorney should be equally competent to avoid the deportation process.

When you appear before the judge in a hearing, you are making your record. Showing up with professional and legal assistance creates a positive impact. In contrast, having an incompetent or, worse, no attorney is a recipe for disaster.

Even if you lose the case and the deportation judge decides against you, you can still appeal the judge’s decision. Remember that you should change your attorney this time because the original one failed to get the decision made in your favour.

You must have all the legal documents and evidence as an immigrant. This includes the purpose of staying in a different state and all the other essential information. The court will not only rely on what they heard from you. They require paperwork and physical evidence of your status. Having all the essential documents at hand makes a good record in front of the judge.

The most common defence against deportation is an application for permanent residency. It is also known as ‘Adjustment of Status’. It can be based on an employment-based petition or a family-based petition.

In case none of the defences is working, you always have the option to voluntarily leave the state. It is not available for every deportation case but is one of the best options because it allows you to return to your homeland and return to the state after obtaining a visa.






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